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Walter Sojka
Born in Illinois
84 years
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Family Tree
Mr. & Mrs David Rollins A Good Person August 25, 2014
You were always a good person
Wayne Dziadosz Pillar in the Community August 25, 2014
Mr. Walter Sojka was a pillar in the community and a man of true integrity who never minced his words. He will be dearly missed by the many lives of whom he touched. Wally, as you have said probably a million times yourself, "May the perpetual light shine upon him".

Wayne Dziadosz and Family
Madelyn "Maggie" Bielawa Mayor of Chicago Avenue August 25, 2014
Sue and Adrienne: I spoke with your uncle a few years ago at the St. Helen's carnival. His generosity truly made him the "Mayor of Chicago Avenue".

Madelyn "Maggie" Bielawa (Poprawski)
Mark Dobrzycki Rest In Peace August 25, 2014
In memory of Walter L Sojka. Met you many years ago. Your humor and laugh were unmistakeable. Thank you for your friendship and advice. Part of the CIC and Museum Summer Ball family.
RIP Walter. God Bless.
Dr. Steve Kriss God Bless August 25, 2014
May God bless Walter's soul and keep it in His care. Thanks for always taking care of my deceased family members in the Kriss family and for being friends with my father and his brothers. You were a sentinel in the Old Polish neighborhood. R/ SMK
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