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Walter Sojka
Born in Illinois
84 years
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Family Tree
Bill & Vivian McCormick & Fami Such Sad News August 25, 2014
Such sad news. Walter was a dear friend to us and invited us into his home on many occasions; cooked for us; shared his stories and shared his life with us. We will miss you Walter.

Bill & Vivian McCormick & Family
Palmhurst, Texas
Gloria Bush Amazing Man August 25, 2014
I will truly miss you. Thank you for always being an amazing man to my family.

Gloria Bush
Racine, Wisconsin
Susana Morales Thank You August 25, 2014
Thank you so much for all of your services, when my dad passed away. You were very kind and helpful. I will miss seeing you and your dog outside. Missed, but never forgotten.

Susana Morales
Chicago, Illinois
Art & Diane Spicer God Bless You August 25, 2014
God bless you, Wally.

Art & Diane Spicer
Austin, Indiana
Barbara Dockery Made His Mother Proud August 25, 2014
Walter's mother and my maternal grandmother had been best friends. Therefore, Sojka Funeral Home had always been the only funeral home my maternal side of the family went to. Walter was truly liked and respected. He made his mother very proud.

Barbara Dockery
Muscle Shoals, Alabama
Martin Suchecki Amazing Person August 25, 2014
Such sad news. I have known Mr. Sojka for many years. He was an amazing person.

Martin Suchecki
Lou & Patsy Molina Will Be Missed by Many August 25, 2014
Wally will be missed by many. He was a great person and a dear Friend. REST IN PEACE.

Lou & Patsy Molina
Cousins Donna and Ray Cousin Wally August 25, 2014
Rest in Peace, dear cousin Wally. What a generous spirit and sense of humor you have always shown our family. Your mom came to our wedding in 1967 and took care of all the gift cards in her lap, while she sat in a wheelchair. When my daughter got married in 2002 you drove all the way to Monroe, MI, just to attend the wedding and turned right around and returned to Chicago, because you had funeral business to attend to! What a fine family member you have always been and we regret that we will be unable to attend the services. We will be sending a memorial, however. Sincere condolences to the entire family and we shall be saying extra prayers for you all. Love to everyone.

Cousins Donna and Ray
Palma Heath Joy & Happiness August 25, 2014
Dear Walter -

I'm so sorry to hear of your passing. Your were a dear friend. We have know each other for many years and in all of those years, you've given us Joy and Happiness. May you rest in peace.

Your Dear Friend, Palma Heath
Montgomery, Illinois
The Polish Museum of America Great Friend August 25, 2014
The Board, Staff, and Volunteers of The Polish Museum of America will deeply miss our neighbor and great friend. We are forever grateful for Walter co-founding our elegant Summer Ball, which he attended each year since the first one in 1979. He was a devoted member and benefactor and we will never forget him and his many kindnesses.
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